Welcome to the presentation of iconic prototype pieces predominantly made in the Omega workshops during the most turmoiled periods of modern, industrial Swiss watch production. Apart of the description of single prototypes also the historic background and context around their respective development is discussed.

Admittedly there is a relative overrepresentation of electric prototypes, then again these reflect the beginning technological shift introducing the space age and computer era. This technology shift revolutionised Swiss watchmaking and made it necessary to build numerous, historically important prototypes of which only a selected few can be discussed on this platform.

Much about the development of specific Omega models is also described elsewhere, but this info is scattered all over the net and in several specialised books, so one further goal of this site, and its Instagram platform is to clarify, concentrate and expand the available info. Whenever possible the primary sources are of course referenced.

The prototypes presented here are intermediate steps in the perpetual search for perfection in timepieces for all possible professional and non – professional uses. Omega developed a plethora of prototypes to create the best possible tools for researchers, astronauts, athletes and professional divers, the aesthetically most appealing watches for daily use and even managed to produce the most accurate, non – thermo – compensated wristwatch to date.

This site is perpetual work in progress. There is no ambition of completeness. If you have further reliable info or you have questions or comments you can contact me in English, French, German or Italian.